[Bufferin] Sailor Moon Luna J Painkiller for Menstrual Pain and other Pain

Yup there’s a Sailor Moon drug and they finally got to a point that they’re running out of collaboration that they have to resort into doing this 😑 .

I’ve got this for $14.40 including shipping from eBay and it came actually really fast evn though the customs kinda squish the box but the items came all intact.

The front cover, its very special and it comes with an illustration of Sailor Moon and Luna together.

So this is the Sailor Moon x Bufferin Luna J (Acetaminophen) Dissolving Tablet Painkillers. Yup I didn’t realized that these are dissolving tablets, until I’ve tasted it. The pain killers comes with 12 tablets. Sadly, I didn’t also realize that these are only for middle-school and High school students, that’s why it’s dissolving. The taste is kinda like black cherry and it smells fruity. The after taste though is very horrible. The recommended dosage is 3 tablets, which I think is a bit too much. It claims that its very mild on the stomach but to be honest, after taking it, although I had a full meal, it made my tummy hurt. Also, it made me really, “sleepy,” as I write this, I’m falling asleep and note I had 6 cups of tea 29 minutes before I wrote this. For the pain, this is actually good timing, I have my period so yeah.. um I can say my back pain is going away but I can’t say yet so I’ll edit tomorrow for the final results.

EDIT: so yeah, the following morning, my tummy pain didn’t go away and it hurt even more. The back pain didn’t go away. This pain killer is really weak. I am suspecting that I am really sensitive with one of the ingredients. I am allergic to sulfa and the medicine might contain some of it. I am not sure if the translations are correct or mistranslated, but I do know it must have it. So, yes if you are allergic to Sulfa, please don’t test this medication like I did.

Side of the Box, features all of the five senshi + Luna.

The packaging is super nice and really extravagant. It’s double packaging. The outside has sailor moon images and the inside box is actually a “metallic finish box.” What’s cool is that the tablet casing is color pink. The freebie “Luna pill case,” is so big, it’s like a gachapon antique case size and can probably hold all the 12 tablets.

The packaging, there’s an outer covering which is made of plastic covering and inside is the medicine box and the freebie.
The Freebie: Luna Pill Case
The inside of the freebie is glittered.

The ingredients for the pain killer is horrible. And I saw that it has sulfate so if you’re sensitive to that, please don’t take this medication. Also, as I said this is for teenagers so it’s a weak painkiller. There’s another version called Luna I and that’s a capsule form and it’s sold out and it is for adults. Then there’s another one called Luna Light that’s a mild painkiller, which has the cosmic heart as a freebi, but goes for a higher price.

Google image translated of the ingredients (some aren’t accurate) but this is whats on the packaging
Some Japanese guidelines for taking the medicine and instructions. I love the cute drawing to be honest.

After trying this medicine, I’d say, that next time, I’ll just get the freebie and skip the medicine.Sure the box design for is cute and a “collector’s item” 😂 but I don’t care much anymore after having so much pain from trying it and also, I am not aiming for the Guinness world record of Sailor Moon Collection. If I see the Cosmic Heart for $5 on eBay, I’ll get that too, but I think, I can happily say, no more to “Sailor Moon Drugs.”

Thank you for Reading.


Official website of the collaboration:


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